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  • I recently bought a set of socks from Miles52Eighty and just know... they were legit! The design is discreet, they match with all my kicks and way better color range than other brands. I'd definitely recommend. - Justin

  • I love how I can match all my socks with my shoes now. The quality is great, I've had them for several months and I'm still happy with them. - Cadance

  • Hands down the best hoodie I own, the quality is unmatched and the price is well within my budget. - Alex

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Make Each Step Count

A simple mantra, a way of life. Make each step count. There are 5,280 steps in a mile, here at Miles52Eighty we strive to make an impactful change through these steps.

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Miles 52 Eighty

Our owner is a sneaker head so you know we had to get this right.

  • Ever had the perfect pair of sneaks but only bland white or black socks?

    That's where Miles 52 Eighty was birthed.

  • We have the perfect sock for each pair you own.

    Let's get into the fit.

  • Firefighters trust it to fight fires.

    Each sock has an incredible fit, breathable material to stop the sweat.